Indie's 6 Month Milk Bath

Earlier this year in January, I met this little beauty's mother Liz Eidelman. I've had the pleasure of capturing her maternity session and now her perfect 6 months old baby Indie. Liz decided to bring "the nostalgia up a notch" as she says in her blog post, and had Indie wear the same flower crown she wore for some of her own photos from the maternity session. Isn't that the cutest thing ever?!

I had so much fun watching Indie splash away and make the biggest mess! Liz on the other hand ( like most moms during a kids session) seemed a little worried that we might not have gotten any good shots, but I always stay calm because I know that letting the kids do as they please during a photo shoot is the best way to capture their true beauty.

Click through to see some of my favorites from this gorgeous little bright blue eyed beauty's sitter session.


“Our bond grows deeper with each passing day, and it feels like i blinked and all of a sudden she’s got her own (big!) personality! Melissa captured that personality beautifully, as per usual.”