The Milan Family

{In studio maternity milk bath session, featuring the studio's Serena gown and Pearl Robe available for rent}

I am so excited to share this collection with you all! I have been working with the Milan's for so long now, literally from the days of hosting mini sessions in my living room, to shooting at different outdoor locations, and I now had the pleasure of capturing their special moment in my very own studio.

For this session Christine came to me with a request to try something new, something different than your traditional milk bath. Prior to her reaching out I had been working with a vision I wasn't sure I was ready to execute. But she was very specific as to what her vision was and instantly upon receiving her inso photo I immediately thought to myself "this is the universe giving me a sign."

For this bath session I decided to keep the water clear, with no milk, just flowers. I also decided to move my chandelier to the bath area so that I can shoot through it and get some texture on the photos. For an added layer of texture we also added all of the fabric and flowers around the tub. Lastly, the pearl gown! I ordered this gown from Katharina Hakaj as soon as Christine made her request, because I knew it would be the perfect addition to this session! And I was right of course lol. I absolutely love how it all came together! Everything had to be perfect, from the fabric and flowers used in the tub, to the gowns she wore, it all required a very detailed oriented touch. And for those of you who know me, you know I highly enjoyed putting this together.

I hope you all enjoy browsing through these beauties!