Emely, Hasaan and Enzo

This must have been the easiest session to shoot ever. First of all, they are the cutest little family! And then, as we are shooting I realize I am barely giving Emely any direction. She was doing her own thing so beautifully, and gracefully, I would also look at the back of my camera and think wow she is so photogenic! So mid pose during one of her sets I just had to stop to ask.... And then my friends, she confirmed my suspicion. She's a professional model. Duh! lol!

Needless to say, they rocked their session! Emely wore one of my lace robes and my most favorite blue gown at the moment. (Both are available to rent at the studio by the way!) The white slip is Emely's, I have not had anyone else come in to shoot with a slip and loved the idea! So I will soon be going in a hunt to find a few I can rent to you ladies!

I hope you guys love this beautiful collection! You can truly feel the love, and all of Enzo's cuteness and energy through these images hehee

Enjoy! <3