To protect all families coming into the studio extraprecautions will be taken for your safety. I will be requiring temperature checks for all clients using a“noncontact” thermometer before entry. Please arive with your own masks to wear when we are not shooting. All strollers must be left outside the studio. At the door, shoes will be required to be taken off. Upon entering the studio, hand sanitizer will be provided or the option to thoroughly wash hands will be required. Any family member or persons who is not Mom, Dad and immediate siblings, are not permited inside of the studio (IE-grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, etc). A consent form will be required upon entering...

2.During the session

For your protection, all garments that are provided for the photoshoot are cleaned and sanitized prior to your selection and use. During the photoshoot, there will be times I will need to be closer than 6 feet to achieve pictures seen in my portfolio this will all be at your discretion, and approval. I will be wearing a mask unless achieving smiles requires me to remove the mask for children- this again at your discretion.

3.After the session

After each session my partner and I will be thoroughly cleaning the studio with Clorox or Lysol. A full sanitation process for my studio means: cleaning the bathroom, wiping down all surfaces, freshly cleaning floors, door knobs and all furniture. Again, all garments are sanitized prior to any use.

4.Extra Precautions

My partner and I will be conducting temperature checks and daily self screenings, as well as our family members to ensure we are not bringing anything into the studio. Besides the screenings, our families are still and will continue to follow all recommendations by the state of New Jersey for social distancing. If you or anyone you have been in contact with has displayed a fever, cough, body aches, runnynose, loss of taste or smell, sneezing, or persistent headache within the last 14 days, I require for the up-most transparency of my clients in letting me know so we can reschedule. If any symptoms of a cough, runny nose, continual and ongoing sneezing or symptoms of being unwell is displayed during our time together, the session will be stopped with no retainer refunded. If you or anyone you have been close to within the last 3 weeks has tested positive for COVID19, full disclosure is required.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping us all safe!

I look forward to capturing you!!